dinsdag 2 oktober 2007


For simplicity the F.A.Q. is in English only.
Please use translation soft to figure out what it says.
  • WHY only 16 members?
    We need a limit. A limit is a restraint on what we might call chaos.
    It functions as the resolution of the images generated by this
    particular poetic Point of View, the eye of the Washing Machine.
    The images (cfr Bergson) are made up of code, in all its variety.
    The resolution of this particular zone is the same as that of the
    Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends

  • WHY the selection procedure?
    Why not? it's an algorithm. What comes out is to a certain extent caused by it. It's a way to do your textual laundry, amongst countless possibilities.

  • Is this literature?
    That's for literature to decide. This is POETRY KESSEL-LO (POEZIE) .
    Notice there's no trema on the Dutch word POEZIE.

  • Is this Art?
    It is most definitly not Art.
    Anyone claiming to make art through this blog will be removed instantly.
    Here in Kessel-Lo (POEZIE) we do not tolerate the commercial exploitation of individual creativity. Try Delhaize instead, they have gone global too.

  • Why then should i bother to send anything in to the address?
    Good question! Write a text about it and send it in!

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