dinsdag 2 oktober 2007



  • Replace dots with dots and ats with ats and send your contribution to the mailto address
  • Anything the address will accept will be published immediately at this blog
  • the address is vilt dot kessello at blogger dot com
  • do not enclose anything in the mail you wouldn't want to see in public yourself, including your private parts
  • we are only interested in your code-output, textual or otherwise, not your person.
    For all we care you could be mr Bean stuck in the falling from the sky like terminator bit put on repeat in a tenfold degraded VHS -NTSF in a junky PAL machine. Got That? We don't care about you, we care about your (code)work!
  • IMPORTANT! please forward the same mail to [laundy_administrator_mail] dv@vilt.net you can add/write whatever you want in that mail, it's just so that i know who send it in so i can contact you to invite you to become an active member if you get to have three texts up here that withstand the text washing procedures

  • The text (code) that is being sent up here will be washed at irregular, unannounced intervals.
    We will not discuss the why's and wont's of the obvious removal/washability of your text.
    Senders who get to the point of having three texts (code collections) up here that have withstood washing procedures at least once are invited to become KESSELPOETS in the second stage of this ongoing project.
    Do you want that? well we just said we do hope you would like that yes.
  • Details on the second stage will follow at the appropiate time (if and when).

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dv zei

Maybe some of you will by now have recognised this blog as an update to the MONAD project within the Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends.

It is. Of course. I told you things would move faster than we could work, didn't i. Some divination, woeha.

So yes, we're on repeat, sure. Who isn't? You? oh, you're merely online then..