maandag 24 december 2007

too large

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she c ries seir rising uon pup bysid apflasoteøn up
up rising iRSNK c ry

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the ne ta trick iT620 s res peat
repeat th etrick the t rick
is recikrs pease 4586696228dbd1804d1ff75689f13a23 peace

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ick i2134569653 cry


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unspoken i c ry
she c ries iftrifs >too

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how we

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rising sginrs ing pINK eace
Oxmasmuder xmassm|urder


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she cr ies
rising w e


[made with]

hu oh & hi yes i finally made a
painting that is too large for
the scanner, it's called
the end
of metaphor i guess i will
have to photograph it darn

have another turkey

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