zaterdag 29 december 2007

eve from the yearly news

er well
there has been some trouble due to a supposed violation of terms that was caused by some SPAM (i was wondering how long it would take) but i hear it's okay again now (isn't it?)

anyway we had to change the mail-address that all of you weird geniusses can use to contribute to POETRY KESSEL-LO POEZIE.

It is now

If you read the howto's you'd find out that anyone -really, even you! - can indeed become a KESSEL POET if you send in three nicely crafted pieces of code that survive our rather weekly cleaning - we call it a codewash - of the place.

So good luck, and don't burn any fingers while trying to catch fireworks on the loose..

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Anoniem zei

dirk, still seeing this in my dashboard:

This blog is in violation of Blogger's Terms of Service and is currently visible to authors only.


Scheve Jan zei

well yes, now here too

it's on and off, i guess it must be due to server cache, i'll give it 24 hours and then satrt complaining again

here's the thread in google-help forum: