vrijdag 4 januari 2008

troubles solutions solutions trouble more

right 3
1 happy new

year it seems

we still may be offline for a while

i wrote a note to Blogger asking them to review and reinstate the blog
it takes about 5 days before you can expect an answer ( i read that somewhere, don't know if it's true)

i guess they're experimenting with fuzzy help logic or something let's wish 'm all a bright new AI star full of wurmholes wormhulls warnings with big boobs, thin legs, slimy ectoplasma's and a smart hat or whatever

here's the PK-LP roadmap for the next weeks:

  1. i'm setting up a Wordpress installation at http://www.vilt.net/kessello hosted by my business partners to eventually replace this blogspot. This will enable full control (by me) over anything connected to the blog, so at least we will know who to blame should anything go wrong again. That shouldn't take too long, only the lay-out will be horrible for a while, but horrible can be nice for a while too if it's not too long a take or that horrible why do i always start nagging when i'm trying to explain simple facts isn't it horrible i think if ever there's our reason for getting flagged or whatever

  2. all current PK-LP authors will be registered as editor of the new blog, i will send each of you an email with your password and where to login

  3. the new blog will not be using the mail three times to get in formula anymore . i don't know yet how but some other means will ensure that the blog has a low threshold, people can come in and leave freely like in a mail list and there is no editorial interventions into what authors want to publish here

  4. once it is set up i will invite all authors of this blog and send out some more invitations. Please feel free to suggest people to invite as co-author

  5. whenever Google decides to re-instate this blog a notice will be posted referring people to the new URL and the posts from this blog can be imported into the new blog (that doesn't seem to work due to Blogger measures now i presume). If that doesn't happen i will import the old posts manually

  6. i will try to find some local funding for the project (from our fine city, province Flemish, Dutch and Federal authorities) including sponsorship by local retailers who are offered to further their website rankings in google searches by having a linked sponsor message at the bottom of the blog template somewhere, so that we can pay for a regular independant hosting with a regular URL like www.poetrykessello.be or something. Hosting and all other finance dependent services will be secured for periods of five years up front.

  7. i will also try to get funding to publish some printed collections of your lovely PK-LP code. If that doesn't work printed collections will still be made available through Lulu or some other POD facility but without ISBN and at a steeper price

in the meantime we will i hope you wish untsoweiter however be able to make http://www.vilt.net/kessello our base URL, no?

i hope you can adapt to the Wordpress interface if you get stuck use butter, oil and/or mail me

voor de nederlandstaligen hetzelfde want eilaas de vertalingen zijn weeral op en de colruyt is al dicht (toe) .


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